Directions and Prerequisites

Necessary directions and prerequisites regarding preparation of articles:

General points

  1. Article should be composed on one side of A4 paper. It should not be more than 12 pages. Be careful regarding font size.
  1. For main headings, font sizes is 18.
  2. For sub-headings, font size is 16.
  3. For matter, font size is 12.
  4. The article should have not been published anywhere else.
  5. The article should be in accordance with the research principles and should be on a new topic. Moreover, the article should not be presumed.
  6. It is necessary to take care rules of writing and spelling
  7. One hard copy and one soft copy are required for submission.
  8. Article may be written in the Urdu, language.
  9. It is necessary to avoid the manuscript from errors and omissions.