Rules & Regulations for Publishing

Rules & Regulations for Publishing an Article in “Tahqeed” Research Journal

“Tahqeed” is a research journal purely affiliated with Urdu language and Literature, which is of great importance in the world of knowledge and research, Editorial policy regarding articles to be publish in the research journal is as under:

Article should be relevant and around the topics such as Urdu linguistics and  literature.

“Tahqeed” shall be published twice a year (June & December)

Research articles will be forward to two approved experts for peer review.

Copyrights laws shall be applied in accordance with the HEC’S Laws.

Decision of the editorial boards regarding publishing of article will be final.

Editorial committee reserves the rights of necessary amendments, cancellation and revision of the submitted article (major and minor).

Editor will inform the writers about the opinion of the analyst to take necessary changes, accordingly.

All research articles published in “Tahqeed” express the viewpoints of authors; hence, every article is the sole responsibility of the writer, Editorial committee has no responsibility in this regard.

Articles once sent to in “Tahqeed” shall not be returned (in both cases, published or unpublished).