Directions for writing and editing

Articles should contain the following points:


It should contain summary regarding research objective, methodology, distinctive characteristics and conclusion, abstract should be written in English language.


Authors are required to include a list of six keywords about the related topic of article.


Introduction of the article should be precisely and briefly presented.


Conclusion should be presented in a logical sequence.


In this part of the article, author should present his/her views and research in detail.


References should be quoted according to the following guidelines:

  1. References must follow endnotes.
  1.   While giving references, Chicago style should be adopted.

III.    For similar references at multiple locations, traditional style of abbreviations can be used.

  1.   All known figures mentioned in the article must be briefly introduced and      references from books should be provided accordingly.

Articles should be submitted to the following email ID:

Ph. No: 0335-6444784